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This is the oldest method used to assist persons experiencing financial difficulties.

It is a process by which to voluntarily elect to have a debt consultant step in to assess your financial situation, draw up a payment plan and negotiate a reduced payment term with your creditors on your behalf.


This is one of the older ways to settle debt.

It is for a person whose outstanding debt is less than R50 000-00, is struggling to pay it off and can only do so by way of monthly payments that the person can afford.  

It is an order made by the Magistrate’s Court setting out different amounts that a person must pay towards the outstanding debt with one or more creditors.  An example of a repayment plan is where a person pays outstanding debt in an affordable monthly installment to each creditor.

If a court order is made, the person will be placed under Administration Order. This means that an administrator is appointed to ensure that the person pays the amounts due in terms of the order. 

This Act was established in 1944 and is one of the better ways to settle your debts.


Debt review is a process where a debt counsellor assesses your outstanding debt and puts in place a re-structured debt re-payment plan.

The debt counsellor will negotiate interest rates and re-payment terms with your credit providers.

The benefit of debt review is that it can protect your assets from being repossessed by the credit provider. When you are under debt review, you may not enter into any credit agreements.

Debt review should be considered in instances of significant over-indebtedness.  

Debt review falls under the National Credit Act that was established in 2005.

We have been registered as debt counsellors in 2007 and have a vast knowledge of the debt review process.

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"Debt Counselling consultant in South Africa", 

Debt Counselling consultant in South Africa

Debt Counselling consultant in South Africa, Debt Counselling consultant in South Africa


Debt consolidation is a loan for the sum of all or some of your unsecured loans, such as personal loans from various credit providers.

If you consolidate your debts, you are able to settle your high interest debts and, leaving you with only one debt repayment to the credit provider who granted the consolidation loan.  

The benefit of a consolidation loan is that you will be borrowing at a lower interest rate to settle debts that have a higher interest rate which will result in saving.

Depending on your credit score and affordability, we could assist in obtaining a consolidation loan.


A sequestration order is a formal declaration that a person is insolvent. The order is granted either at the instance of the person, that is a voluntary surrender or at the instance of one or more creditors, meaning compulsory sequestration.  

It is a good idea if you do not wish to end up with additional debt and no property after the bank has foreclosed on property.

Sequestration is also a good idea if you owe more than it is possible to pay back within five years should you choose the debt review option.


We offer our services and expertise to persons whose property has been attached in terms of a judgment etc.

We will negotiate on your behalf to stay the sale in execution. 

We are also registered estate agents and have been practicing since 1992.

Our primary function is to assist persons whose property is about to be sold by sale in execution. As mentioned above, as registered estate agents, we will be of assistance to those who are contemplating selling their house due to their unfavourable financial situation and we will negotiate the commission to assist the person to be relieved of their plight.

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We assist persons who have judgments or adverse reports on credit bureaus. We understand that these could be tedious as there are now thirteen credit bureaus. We will assist with extracting credit bureau reports, investigating incorrect reporting and updating the credit bureaus.


We would assist to bring the application for rescission of judgments, Administration Orders, Debt Re-Structuring Orders and applications of rehabilitations for those that have been sequestrated.

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“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant”

P.T. Barnum

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